About Theorina

Theorina Li is an entrepreneur, a realtor, a photographer, a business consultant and a freelancer translator/interpreter (consecutive).

Prior to Theogenic Strategies, Theorina was engaging in a wide range of small business management and support work, ranging from bookkeeping to financial analysis, from website design to digital marketing, from customer service to public relations, for over 6 years. She has both agency and private company experience in the field of public relations.

Theo = Many names beginning with the root “Theo-” derive from the Ancient Greek word Theos (Θεός), which means God; Many other names beginning with “Theo-” do not necessarily derive from Greek, but rather the old Germanic “theud”, meaning “people” or “folk”. (Source)

-genic = produced by, formed from

Theo + genic = Produced by God and the People

Theogenic Strategies = Strategies brought by God and developed by the People

Theorina graduated from Public Diplomacy program at Syracuse University. She completed her M.S. in Public Relations at S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and M.A. in International Relations at Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs.


  • Real estate in Virginia, Maryland and District of Columbia
  • Small business support (Business setup and financial strategies)
  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Photography, Graphic Design, Video editing
  • International culture/education exchange programs planning and coordination
  • Event planning
  • Chinese translation and interpretation
  • Logistics and accommodation arrangement