Do it with all your heart – Mantong & Caleb

Do it with all your heart.

Easy to say, hard to do. How much thought you put into one plan? How many alternative scenarios you anticipate and give a perfect solution for each scene?

The perfect proposal could have thousands of versions, but the one you would call it yours is the one you do it with all your heart and bring tears and laughter out of surprise and happiness.

I was honored to have the opportunity to share this special evening with Caleb and Mantong, two lovebirds, and friends who help to make this happen. I learned that the first idea comes to mind if you are planning a proposal is to listen to your partner’s wishes and make them come true when you propose. It will be a definite memorable moment for too many reasons.

Lens: Viltrox 35mm F2.0 Manual Focus
Camera Body: SONY Alpha (A,α) 7 II


Well-decorated venue is a must to create the welcoming, warm, loving atmosphere. Kudos to friends who are so dedicated to make this moment special.


The “Cinderella” arrived to her “Birthday only” party.


Gifts with special messages were revealed one by one.

Watch the video on our Youtube channel to find out the surprise proposal and birthday song singing.


Happy Birthday, Mantong! Happy Engagement, Mantong and Caleb!

Wish you two happily EVER AFTER!


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